10 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Retail Store

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Spring cleaning season is here!  Though this time of year is generally slow commercially for many brick and mortar retail stores, it makes it the perfect time to focus on store improvements

With just a little planning and effort you can clean-up your store so that it encourages customers to stay longer, browse, and buy.  Here are 10 Spring Cleaning tips to help make your retail store look sparkling and refreshed:

1 .Make Spring Cleaning a Special Event

Can you turn Spring Cleaning into big special event for you and your employees?

Consider having everyone come in for a special time when your store would normally be closed. You could play music, incorporate games, and even offer prizes as a bonus for employees for putting in the extra effort.

2. Focus on the Fundamentals

Now is the time to make sure the basics are in order.

Check for any signs of damage or deterioration and make any necessary repairs. Now is also a good time to remove everything and thoroughly wash, clean, and polish the walls and floors.

3. Go from Top to Bottom

You’re going to want to remove all your merchandise off the shelves in order to clean your units.

Make sure to start at the top and work your way down, so that any dust from the upper shelves doesn’t end up dirtying a section you just tried to clean.

4. Get into Those Hard to Reach Places

Don’t forget about those hard to reach places like in-between air vents (which can easily get clogged) or light fixtures way up high (which are probably very dusty).

While you’re at it, remember those easy-to-forget places where germs especially love to collect, like door knobs and light switches.

5. Wash the Windows

What’s the point of having a beautiful window display if the windows themselves are filthy?

Make sure to wash the windows both inside and out. And look for any fallen pieces from old window displays to make sure the entire area is ready for a fresh design.

6. Give it a Paint Job

One of the best ways to make an old space look bright and new is to give it a fresh paint job.

Maybe you even want to change up the colors to mark the start of a new beginning for your store.

7. Repair and Replace Where Necessary

Now is also the time to check for any necessary repairs or replacements.

Are any of your floor tiles cracked? Maybe you need to update some of your technology?  Don’t forget to check the condition of your gondola shelves and make any adjustments so that you will be prepared to show your merchandise to full effect. 

Wire hanging wall display

8. Organize Your Inventory

While you want to make sure the front end of your store looks perfect, don’t forget about your backroom too.  Organizing your inventory can make it easier to keep your store clean and neat all year long.

Bins with labels, hanging racks, and designated employee cubbies can go a long way to keeping your backroom in order.  And don’t forget about shelving! Retail shelving units may even allow you to store more while maximizing your floor space.

9. Evaluate Your Floor Plan

As you’re performing these renovations, now may also be a good time to re-evaluate your store floor plan.

Have you given your guests plenty of open space upfront so they have an opportunity to relax and decompress before transitioning into shopping mode? Have you optimized the flow pattern and adjusted your displays in order to maximize visibility?  Can you incorporate new displays for your latest high-ticket items and last-minute impulse buys?

10. Celebrate in Style!

Once your store is ready, get your customers excited to come check out your new and improved store!

You may even want to incorporate Springtime marketing strategies with new displays of the latest seasonal merchandise.

If you’re ready to spruce up your retail store with a new and improved store layout, M. Fried Store Fixtures is here to help. In addition to being the #1 gondola supplier nationwide, we have an expert team of floor plan professionals who can work with you to create the ideal customized plan for your retail store.

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