Change of Season: A Great Time to Update Your Store

Winter is coming to an end and, with it, a new season will be settling in. Regardless of the weather, a change of seasons generally brings a change of pace, and a change of styles. What a wonderful time to display new inventory or to give existing inventory a new face.

When you’re changing your store’s inventory, prepare yourself for the new season change with up-to-date displays, security, storage, and shopping supplies. Regardless of what you sell, moving stock around is always a good way to drive in customer traffic, increase consumer interest, and give the impression that stock is selling and you have huge inventories.

Take the time to look through your shop to determine if you need new displayers or shelving. Perhaps you need more shelving in your storage area to maintain changing stock items, store winter items, or make room for spring items. And, remember, M. Fried Store Fixtures now offers a Gondola Quote Page that enables you to create a system and submit your information for free pricing. No limits. No catch.

Is your security up-to-date? Look at your shop and ensure you have adequate mirrors, sufficient camera coverage, currency control, and entry alerts. If you sell clothing, we offer fitting room checks and hard tags. We offer a wide variety of security options, so be sure you have all you need to keep your store, and your stock, safe, secure, and profitable.

Dust off those showcases and take a look around. Do you need a change of scenery? Can you add displayers to your showcases? Perhaps your store could use more dump bins, tables, mannequins, mirrors, hangers, or other accessories.

Regardless of what you sell, be sure to have full stock on packaging supplies such as gift boxes, plastic and paper bags, tissue paper, and other packaging supplies that will set you apart from your competitors and that make your customers feel special.

M. Fried’s cube units come in a variety of materials to display your products and also work well to store off-season or excess inventory. Use our glass cubes, which come in many, many options to enhance floor displays. Add grid cubes to increase interest and keep your customers’ eyes moving throughout your shop. Increased customer interest leads to increased sales.

And, while you’re at it, be sure you have adequate signage and promotional materials—many work especially well with our slatwalls or gridwalls, even on their own, from the ceiling, and from windows. Announce a winter clearance with banners, even lighted signs. Use freestanding card, countertop, even ceiling signs. Let everyone know you are out there and move that inventory with the many options available to you at M. Fried Store Fixtures.

How about offering a contest to get rid of some seasonal merchandise? We offer contest boxes.

In addition to gondola shelving, showcases, displayers, and gridwall and slatwall, we also offer whatever fixture you need to sell your products. If you sell shoes, we have an array of shoe store supplies. If you sell books, we can help with your displays. If you sell clothing, we offer hanger supplies, garment covers, mannequins, and forms, to name just some. Jewelry, antiques, china, pet supplies, food, house wares and home goods, garden supplies, lighting, electronics … M. Fried Store Fixtures can help you sell it all.

Clean out those winter displays and brighten up your store for the coming spring season.

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