3 Ideas for Retail Shelving to Improve Your Product Visibility

gondolas with baskets

When you own a retail store, you continually need to experiment with best practices for attracting your ideal customers’ attention, getting them into your store, keeping them interested in your products, and coming back again as loyal customers. One significant factor to pay attention to is shelving.

Retail shelving – the way you layout, display, and draw attention to your products – can be a make-or-break factor for the success of your retail store. Here at M. Fried Store Fixtures, we’re not only the nation’s #1 gondola supplier, but we also specialize in providing all the store fixtures, supply products, and displays you need to create the perfect retail layout.

Here are 3 proven retail shelving ideas you can try that can help improve your product visibility:

1.) Declutter Your Shelves

While you may be tempted to put out everything you have that customers may want to buy, this can actually work against you. If you have too many items crammed into space, your shelves can look cluttered, disorganized, and downright messy.

Instead, you want your shelves to look organized so that customers can get a clear sense of the options available without feeling overwhelmed. A neat, clean shelf not only looks more professional, but it can also increase a customer’s confidence in the few products offered.

2.) Focus on Eye-Level Placements

You want to make it easy for customers to see your best offers, and to do this you want to place them directly at eye-level. While customers may be willing to go looking for items placed up high or down low, you want to make sure that when they’re scanning through your shelves, they get both a clear sense of how your store is organized overall and a view of your best product offers right at eye-level.

Also, in the U.S., most customers will scan your shelves from left to right, just as they would scan a book. One smart strategy is to place your higher-cost items toward the left at eye-level so that this is what customers see first. This way you can take advantage of the marketing strategy known as the anchoring effect.

gondola shelving liquor store

gondola shelving in black used in a liquor store

3.) Check Your Competitors

Do you have a competitor that is more established and/or larger than you? If so, it will probably be well worth your while to take a walk through their stores and pay attention to their shelving.
Big retail chains and more established stores often can afford to do market research, so if you pay attention to what they do, you can benefit without the added expense. Of course, you don’t want to copy what they do (your uniqueness as a brand matters!), but you can pay attention to what seems to be working, ask yourself why, and model your own shelving choices on the same reasoning.

For example, as you walk through your competitor’s store, see what captures your attention and draws you in. Why do you find it appealing? What seems to be displayed most prominently and why?

This is also a way to make sure your shelving stands out from your competitor’s because if you see them doing something too similar to you, you can make changes to ensure your own uniqueness.

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