4 Types of Shoe Displays

There are different ways to display shoes in a store. The purpose of the display is to advertise and protect the product. Some are more formal and others are casual, depending on the type of shoe store you have. Many stores use a combination of displays.

Here are four options:

  1. Display shoes on a tabletop display using displays with our risers and other options. Stores like Nordstrom arrange their shoes this way.
  2. Use shoe display racks – we have a big selection of racks where you can put many pairs of shoes. Stores usually use these for sales racks when they have sale prices. It allows you to display many shoes at one time in the box or not.
  3. Shoe shelves – to display shoes on a wall. Malls often use this method so you can see the selection of shoes as you walk by. It also maximizes space.
  4. For more casual displays, choose our grid shoe shelves. This is good for flip flops or in discount stores.

Find the combination of products that are right for your store. If we can help you with your arrangement, please give us a call.

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