A Final Word On Rolling Racks

By now, you know most everything there is to know about the vast array of many rolling racks offered at M. Fried Store Fixtures and the many ways in which you can use these racks.

From storage, to transport, to display; for apparel stores and distributors, restaurants, trade shows, and fashion shows, these racks work great. Whether you are moving merchandise, displaying merchandise, storing off-season apparel, designing clothing, working in the fashion industry, or selling clothing in your store or on the road, we have a rack for you.

If you’re looking for an economic alternative that is easy to assemble, then the Economy Stockroom Rolling Z-Rack (Item RZK7DF) might be exactly what you’re looking for. These racks are perfect for storage and moving and are a great option during hectic inventory or stocking periods when you need to move clothing from one place to another. Constructed with a three-part base that bolts together easily, purchase several for your shop.

For the height of convenience, take a look at the Collapsible Rolling Rack (Item RCW4) which is a comfortable 48 inches in length with two 12-inch pull-out rods for increased hanging space. This can’t-do-without clothing accessory allows for three heights—55, 60, or 65 inches—and moves on four-inch ball bearing casters and easily collapses for storage when not in use, or for when traveling, and includes clips for hangrail storage and protective rubber bumpers.

These racks are also great for acting and dancing troupes, schools, restaurants, boutiques, even funeral homes. Take a look at what we have to offer and feel free to call us for a price quote or additional information. We can be reached, toll-free at 1.877.544.2999.

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