A Plethora of Store Fixtures to Fit All Needs

Most people hear “store fixtures” and think industrial, utilitarian file cabinets internet companies use for stock. At M. Fried, we not only carry practical, no-frills pharmacy shelving, slatwall panels and jewelry showcases, we also stock attractive displays for your Main St. storefront.

Take our stock of wood displays and baskets. Attractive, natural wood formed into trees and racks make a farmstead or homemade impression on your customers. Imagine your shipment of delicious fruit in our wood basket rack, looking fresh from the orchard, or your selection of plush animals hanging out in a basket tree.

We also carry a plethora of attractive, product-specific display racks. We have everything from heavy duty auto parts racks to dainty jewelry stands for tiny necklaces. Ever wonder where clothing stores get mannequins and mannequin accessories? We provide wigs, stands, hands, eggheads, hosiery forms, and of course the eerily realistic plastic models in every boutique storefront. Sometimes one beautiful piece can make the décor in a store.

We understand every storefront is different and sometimes the product does not quite match the space available to showcase it. Never fear, M. Fried has the perfect piece to display your wares in an attractive wrapper, at the right spot for your customers to admire.

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