A Sign of the Times

We’ve been covering all of the many sign options offered by M. Fried Store Fixtures. Changeable Signs are just another one of our many options available to you that will help you increase sales and consumer interest, which will—of course—lead to increased shop traffic.

Our Swinger Deluxe Signs are two-sided and offer a large seven-row announcement space for lettering. A generous 24 inches wide by 36 inches high, this sign kit also comes with a high-impact punch of two nine-inch headers for “SALE” and “Special” in red to increase and draw interest. The headers, because they do not interfere with announcement space, enable you to add to your signage area.

As part of this kit, you will also receive 314 four-inch letters, numbers, and symbols. This sign kit works great for street and sidewalk advertising and enables you to change your message as often as needed. Use this sign kit to advertise sales or to announce specials, among any number of messages you choose to give your customers.

Another popular sign kit is our Indoor/Outdoor Changeable Letter Sign that stands a tall 41 inches high and offers a 36-inch high and 21-inch wide message space. The frame on this sign is constructed of heavy-duty steel and the kit comes with over 330 four-inch letters, numbers, and characters for you to create targeted and changeable messages.

To make an impact in dark spaces or at night, consider our Indoor Illuminated Changeable Letter Sign that includes over 535 letters, numbers, and characters in two-inch, four-inch, and six-inch sizes to allow for a wide variety of messaging choices.

And, we offer a reasonably priced Swinger Letter Kit with 314 four-inch letters, numbers, and symbols; two nine-inch red headers for “SALE” and “Special”; and 22 eight-inch red numbers for extra impact. This kit augments and replaces the letters included with each kit.

Be sure you are talking to your customers as often as possible. A great, unobtrusive way to communicate is with M. Fried Store Fixture signs!

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