A Simple Swipe of A Pen Adds to Security Programs

Keeping your store secure is no easy task. Let us help you at M. Fried Store Fixtures with some simple security measures.

Consider our Counterfeit Detector Pens (Item 3513B). A simple solution that virtually anyone can use, this device easily enables you and your staff to determine the authenticity of currency received from customers. By drawing a small line on any bill, you and your staff can easily determine if a bill is a computer-generated counterfeit bill.

The U.S. Secret Service indicates that bogus currency created by computers and printed on common printers is on the rise, increasing by 45 percent in the five years from 1995 to 2000, with the incidence on a consistent upswing.

Detector pens offer an effective method in which to identify these computer-generated counterfeits. The iodine solution in the detector pen reacts with starch; starch is a common element found in the wood-based copy paper that is commonly used in printers.

Requiring virtually no training, detector pens are simple to use. You and your clerical staff just place a small line on the bill. If the bill is bogus and the paper is wood-based, the iodine will create a reaction with the starch, leaving a dark mark—either brown or black—on the bill. Authentic or fiber-based bills will not create a mark. In some case, a pastel line will appear, which is biodegradable, meant to fade away after a day, and for the purposes of helping you determine which bills have been tested.

Counterfeit detection pens are relatively inexpensive and can screen several thousand bills. Purchase a few and easily step up your store’s security program.

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