Acrylic: A Clear Display Option

Acrylic displays offer clean lines and unobstructed views to your store’s products and, at at M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have a huge array of acrylic displays from which you can choose.

Acrylic Displays are a durable and relatively inexpensive option to creating effective and attractive store displays and, despite its more fragile appearance, can actually carry a lot of weight. What’s more, acrylic is high-impact resistant and the acrylic displays we offer do not shatter, but break apart in larger pieces in the highly unlikely chance that they do meet with an accident that could cause breakage. If these fixtures break, as unfortunate as that could be, no small projectiles or shards will endanger your staff or customers, as can be the case with glass or more cheaply made acrylic options.

Because of its optical clarity, acrylic works wonderfully for all sorts of options and will only add to any display, never taking away from display items. And, if you are displaying a large quantity of items, acrylic helps to remove that cluttered feeling.

Our acrylic displays are strong in appearance, but deceptively light, making them easy to move around your store as you change displays, enabling you to move displays more often to accommodate sales, close-outs, and new introductions. What’s more, acrylic display components meant to be placed on shelves and countertops do not add significant weight on other display surfaces, protecting your nonacrylic surfaces.

If you own two or more stores and are looking for uniformity throughout your chain, you can’t go wrong with the cost-efficacy, flexibility, and convenience of acrylic.

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