Acrylic Bins Show Off Your Products

Why not add some more acrylic to your M. Fried Store Fixtures’ slatwall displays? We offer many Slat Baskets and Bins, which work beautifully with our slatwall panels and displayers and enable you to show off many of your smaller items in eye-catching, convenient ways. What’s more, these bins provide clean lines and display products in ways that prevent clutter and mess.

Start with our Slatwall Bracket (Item 999SWB), which is used to hang gondola open-end baskets to slatwall. Then, add any one of our compartmentalized Acrylic Bins, which come in a range of sizes including the 1 Compartment Acrylic Bin (Item JZT1R), which offers one large 15-3/4-inch-wide compartment. Mix and match this with the 3 Compartment Acrylic Bin (Item JZT3X) with three 9-3/4-inch-wide compartments.

We also offer compartmentalized Acrylic Bins in three other sizes, which allow you to store and display even smaller items, including the 4 Compartment Acrylic Bin (Item JZT4X) with 7-1/4-inch wide compartments; the 5 Compartment Acrylic Bin (Item JZT5X), with 5-3/4-inch-wide compartments; and the 6 Compartment Acrylic Bin (Item JZT6X) with 4-3/4-inch-wide compartments.

Any of these compartments work well with your smaller product lines and are especially effective when placed close to your check-out area, where customers waiting on or approaching lines to pay can browse smaller items. And, if these items are placed near your working staff, you have the added benefit of staff ensuring that small items don’t disappear.

While all of the Acrylic Bins work wonderfully together and can be mixed and matched with one another—and all of our slatwall accessories as a matter-of-fact—we recommend mixing these with our line of baskets, which we will cover in detail tomorrow.

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