Acrylic Displays: A Great Alternative for the Holidays

With the holiday season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to prepare your store displays and exhibit your merchandise. Presenting your stock in the best possible light will go a long way toward increasing sales and gaining repeat customers, something every retailer hopes to do during the year’s highest traffic season.

Making a long-lasting and positive impression and giving your customers a pleasant shopping experience is our priority at M. Fried Store Fixtures and we have everything you need to keep your customers coming back for more, time and time again. We offer shoe, tableware, garment, and slatwall and gridwall displayers, as well as showcases that give you the creative freedom to display whatever you sell in a way that compliments your products and drives repeat customer traffic.

Attractive, eye-catching display surfaces brings in customers and keeps them shopping, which is what every smart shop owner wants. Acrylic is a great option that offers a clean, unobtrusive, cost-effective, and attractive alternative. Our acrylic components offer shatterproof durability, easy maintenance, and UV treatment, to name a few. Many of our acrylic displayer options are offered with a lifetime guarantee.

M. Fried Store Fixtures acrylic display cases and stands assemble easily and their light weight makes them easy to move, a handy benefit when engaging customers with changing product offerings. Move your merchandise as often as you like without the physical stress of shifting heavy components, especially risers, which can be used to layer merchandise and draw interest to your wares. Because of its clarity, acrylic makes a space look larger and does not distract from the merchandise.

If apparel is your business, we offer hangers in many colors and sizes as well as accessory and garment racks that better display inventory. Separate clothes by size, style, season, designer—you decide. And, remember, well-placed mannequins and forms can really showcase key items; M. Fried Store Fixtureshas a huge variety in an array of sizes and colors for children, teens, and adults.

Display gift shop notions, pharmacy supplies, food products, cosmetics, eyeglasses, tee shirts, purses, luggage, china and crystal, pet supplies, and much, much more. Display cell phones and art, jewelry and books, business supplies and antiques. If you sell it, we can help you exhibit it better and give you an edge on your competition.

Don’t forget eye-catching displays for your brochures, literature, and samples as well as signage and bins; be sure you have sufficient carts and baskets on hand along with well-situated trash receptacles. We have it all for you. And, during high-traffic periods, such as the upcoming holiday shopping season, maintaining security is critical. M. Fried Store Fixtures can help with security items such as mirrors, lighting, and tagging and labeling systems.

Holiday time is the best time to ensure your customers feel special. Make a difference by offering competitively priced packaging and decorative boxes, papers, and bags that will set you apart from your competition.

If you sell it, M. Fried Store Fixtures can help you sell it.

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