Valentine’s Day is the Perfect Time to Display Jewelry

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Be sure to show off all of your jewelry—large, high-impact pieces; smaller, delicate items; more expensive, one-of-a-kind specialty pieces, and more reasonably priced pieces—in advance of the 14th.

While flowers make a lovely and traditional presentation, the eternal gift of jewelry never goes out of style and M. Fried Store Fixtures can help you show your jewelry pieces in their best possible light.

For instance, our White Leatherette and Black Velvet Hexagon Jewelry Risers allow you to present a grouping of objects in very flattering displays. And, as readers of our blog know, darker pieces look lovely on the white leatherette displayers, while gemstones look beautiful against black velvet. Our White Leatherette and Black Leatherette Jewelry Sample Trays provide a professional and up-close option when working with customers and also work well in display cases to highlight specific pieces.

If you have an array of bracelets, be sure to display them in a Black Velvet 18-Groove Bracelet Pad; watches and bracelets display nicely in the Black Velvet 12-Section Watch/Bracelet Pad. Other options for watches are the 10-Slot Watch Pads in White Flocked and Black Velvet, especially if you are looking to display several watch and bracelet collections throughout your showcases. The same with rings and our White Leatherette and Black Velvet 8-Groove Ring Pad.

The 24 Compartment Pads in White Flocked and Black Velvet show off smaller items, such as post earrings and rings and trendier one-off items such as belly button, nose, toe, and brow jewelry. For those very special pieces, the White Leatherette and Black Velvet Full Size Pads work beautifully with our Glass Top Hinged Case.

And, remember to keep a stock of Jewelry U Pins on hand for securing pieces, such as chains on display pads. Ours our conveniently sized at 7/8-inch and come in gold metal.

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