All the Small Things

When most people think of store fixtures, the big stuff comes to mind. Shelving units, gondola racks and slat-wall panels. The sorts of large, difficult to move objects that really create a sense of place in a store. People come to these for good reason, they are after all the largest and most expensive pieces most store owners will buy. However store fixtures are not just the large and glamorous cases and racks, there is a whole sub-set of smaller items and pieces that no store would be complete without. These general store supplies are small, and not all are necessary, but any owner should budget for them when opening or setting up a store.

-Packaging and labeling: Some items will come in bulk and need to be packaged and tagged in house. Most clothing and many other items will also require their own price tags and labels. By stocking up on packaging and labeling supplies like tag guns and shopping bags, you’ll be ready with properly labeled stock.

-Baskets and Carts: Depending on what you sell, customers may want to buy in bulk. Offering carts and baskets is a good way to give shoppers the opportunity to buy in the quantities they need. The added comfort also leaves people shopping longer.
-Garment Care: Taking care of the unsold garments in your store is important. Rack covers, to protect from dust at night and mobile steamers are great ways to ensure clothes are clean and ready to sell.

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