All the Store Essentials

A beauteous pharmacy design or store layout does not have to rely on bodacious counter babes–sometimes simple things like being able to reach the product a customer wants without toppling head over heels into the next shelf can be a great boon. People respect forethought in how slatwall panels and gondola shelving are placed within the store, but the unsung heroes of any business are the tools nobody but staff get to see. Where are these heroes delivered into the world? Why, at M. Fried Store Fixtures!

Here at M. Fried, we have stocked a plethora of tools no store should be without. Why settle for five feet of storage space when you could have stock up to the ceiling? Just buy a reacher or grabber from us to retrieve items with a snap. Nobody thinks about it, but everybody uses shopping baskets to carry and organize their purchases. Get one that fits the aesthetic of your business from our amazing selection! Need to cater to shoppers who plan on purchasing more than a handful? We have heavy-duty steel and double basket shopping carts that are more than accommodating. For some subtle product highlights, try LED lighting for really ninja effects.

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