Americas Hottest Clothing Chains

Number 2 in the nation for a for reason

Those that top the list according to Forbes are: number one, Kohl’s, number two is Nordstrom and three is Macy’s. I understand seeing Kohl’s and Macy’s, but what is Nordstrom doing there? Nordstrom is not price driven like its neighbors on the list. The answer is their amenable atmosphere. Creating a comfortable pleasurable, shopping experience, is at times, as important as price. Nordstrom’s attention to customer service is the stuff of legend. They are accessible and convenient. They have recently added a web-based inventory system that allows customers to check stock on new items. Online one can find which store carries the desired item rather than wasting  trip time [and fuel].

With racks full of Prada,Gucci and Valentino, they have managed to remove the “Intimidation” factor which many of their high-end competitors have yet to eliminate [ the 80’s are over]. Creating a beautiful store to add perceived value to your merchandise is important. What is more important is making your store pleasant and convenient to shop. Fixtures and appointments are worthless if the sales staff is overbearing, distracted or uninformed about your products.

 Throughout our years here at M.Fried we have heard customers request us to make sure their shop is not “too nice, I don’t want to scare anyone” I understand that statement, but perhaps it’s not fixturing that is “too nice” it is the training and management of the human element that creates “attitude” that can inhibit sales. It is no accident that Nordstrom made number two.

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