Another Thought on Slatwall Accessories

If you’ve been shopping, then you’ve likely seen slatwall in some of the stores you’ve visited. And, if you’ve seen slatwall, then you’ve probably seen slatwall from M. Fried Home Fixtures.

You can find slatwall virtually anywhere: Booksellers, antique stores, clothing shops, athletic supply stores, Judaica shops, electronics and technology outlets, salons and spas, garden suppliers, even postal offices. The list is endless. Whether you’re a sole proprietor or a chain, slatwall works. Whether your tastes run traditional, trendy, contemporary, edgy, or old world, slatwall works.

Slatwall works wonderfully with so many different product and service lines because it’s not only versatile; its display benefits are unobtrusive and work within many different design perspectives. Slatwall also allows you to create displays that show off many items in smaller spaces, which enables increased display opportunities.

We’ve been talking about the many ways in which you can use slatwall and all of its accompanying accessories. In today’s final installment on slatwall accessories, we want to point out that we also offer Slatwall Hosiery Displays (Item P233) as well as Slatwall Hosiery Boxes (Item P464), which come in clear Plexiglas and a singe option that holds up to 12 standard size packages or a double option that holds up to 24. Buy these in both to create visual interest by coordinating spacing.

And, no matter what your specialty, be sure to finish off your slatwall with our Slat Sign Holders (Item P049), constructed of a durable 1/8-inch thick acrylic and our rubber-coated Slat Easels (Item P402).

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