Are You Prepared for Increased Sales?

With last month’s retail sales higher than expected—a nice turn of events given the ominous outlook surrounding our current economic downturn—be sure you have the retail fixtures you need to make your products pop and ensure your customers come back for more. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we can help you ensure that you are displaying your products in the best way possible.

And, did you know that the holiday shopping season comprises upwards of 40 percent of retailers’ yearly revenue and profits? With this in mind, take a look at our supplies section and be sure that you have sufficient supplies to get you through this season with carts and baskets, gift certificates and lights, and much, much more.

For instance, consider increasing your lighting with our lighting fixtures. Our flexible, clamp-on light fixtures are the perfect solution when you need to shed light on your products, when you want to ensure that your staff has sufficient lighting to add up sales and discuss inventory with customers, and when you want to add increased security to your selling space. Offered in both black (SKU 38801) and white (SKU 38802) these flexible gooseneck lamps can be adjusted for spotlighting purposes. Durable and with an easy plastic switch and a clip that allows you to place them virtually anyway, you can easily stock up and place these lamps in a variety of strategic locations in your store.

Bring attention to specific products, store areas, signage, or specials with lights and be sure that your customers can clearly see all that you are offering and that your staff can serve your customers adequately.

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