Arranging the Perfect Display and Showcase

In today’s economy, many retailers are looking to cut corners any way they can, making do with fewer employees, and carrying less merchandise. A fact that has been established time and again is that the one thing you can’t cut back on is packaging and presentation. Human nature is that people are drawn to objects that look enticing. Cutting back on store displays may very well result in fewer sales. The good news is that it is easy to get creative with store displays and shelving, resulting in tastefully displayed merchandise at low costs.

Glass Showcases are excellent for displaying small merchandise. The options can be endless, with hundreds of styles and designs to choose from. It’s a good idea to choose one uniform style or theme that is shown throughout the store. However, you don’t have to use expensive styles everywhere. You may want one or two main display cases in a center spot, with the rest of the showcases coordinating in style or design, but at more economical prices.

Depending on the nature of the goods you sell, your store or boutique will require different shelving. It’s always a good idea to have a showcase or two at the cash register and at intervals throughout the store, with either the latest items just in, or the more pricey goods. Showcases can be easily mixed and matched with gondola shelving for a look that is streamlined, as well as budget friendly.

For a more mod effect, you may choose black showcases. A standard aluminum finish will go well with the black, as well as saving you an upgrade. Paired with black gondola shelving, glossy floors, and the right paint and décor, you can have a hip and trendy look at a very low cost! The same is true for virtually any desired atmosphere.

Place your showcases at focal points, such as beneath a central light fixture, or in the center of the room. Showcase products in high traffic areas. For example, an apparel store may want to cluster a group of mannequins at the center of the store entrance to lure customers and show how the apparel looks when worn. The actual goods may then be organized on gondola shelving for simple, easy to find organization. Vertical displays may be a good idea to maximize space where appropriate, for kitchen appliances, etc.

Making your store inviting and a pleasant place to shop does not have to mean breaking the bank. Careful planning and a mix of showcases and affordable shelving will go a long way.

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