Automatic Bill Counter Deluxe

automatic-bill-counterIn last weeks post we discussed the benefits and convenience of coin sorters and counters. This week we’d like to introduce you to the Automatic Bill Counter Deluxe.

The Automatic Bill Counter Deluxe is the perfect companion to our Coin Sorter and Counters as it also helps self time and helps avoid human counting errors. It even detects counterfeit bills!

Features & Benefits of Bill Counter

  • Counts 1200 bills a minute.
  • Deluxe model includes ultraviolet detection to spot counterfeit bills.
  • Saves time and labor cost.
  • Reduces lost profits due to counting errors.
  • No more bills sticking together or miscounting errors.
  • Computerized counting, adding, and batch creating capabilities.
  • Auto shut-off when counterfeit note is detected.
  • Inexpensive and Highly Effective
  • Tax deductible for businesses
  • Well worth investment

Click here to see and/or purchase our Automatic Bill Counter Deluxe, as well as other options you may find very useful.

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