Basis Black is the Perfect Accessory, in Hangers from M. Fried Store Fixtures, That Is

We’ve been discussing the wide array of hangers offered by M. Fried Store Fixtures, and that we offer styles perfect for men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing; outerwear; and even delicates. Our hangers are available by color, gender, and type, even by material, as well as hangers specific to your store’s clothing specialty.

For instance, we offer very large selection of black plastic hangers that include hangers specifically designed for more delicate and slippery knitwear. These hangers are specifically constructed to ensure that these clothing items won’t slip off.

We also offer a hanger that works as equally as well for skirts as it does for pants and enables better use of space on the display floor. If suits are your specialty, our Black Suit-Mate hangers are uniquely designed to fit all suits, and their attractive pricing makes them even harder to resist! We also offer similar hangers in a heavy-duty cushioned grip that work great with heavier fabrics and longer skirts as well as a Space-Miser version that helps you display more in less space.

Our Black Hang-Safe Hangers with Metal Hooks come with our guarantee to not damage garments. By the way, our Black Hang-Safe Hangers with Plastic Hooks offer the same guarantee, so you can feel safe displaying your very best on M. Fried Store Fixtures hangers.

Browse our black hanger selection for the best in dress hangers; suit hangers, which are constructed to hold two-piece suits; heavy coat hangers; and unbreakable and traditional men’s shirt hangers. No matter what you sell or display, we have the perfect hanger option for you.

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