Baskets Can Increase Sales

Baskets Can Increase Sales

We’ve been talking about the various Gondola and Peg Basket choices we have available at M. Fried Store Fixtures. Although we’ve covered quite a range of basket accessories specifically meant for use with your gondola displays, we have even more to cover.

Wide Sloping Baskets (Item P432) are a very comfortable 24 inches in width, by eight inches in depth, and offer a convenient, eye-catching slope. The rear side is four inches in height, while the front is two inches in height, allowing for a comfortable two-inch slope for this large basket.

Shallow Baskets (Item P458) are a little smaller, but still large enough for medium sized objects at 10 inches in width, 14 inches in depth, and two inches in height. Large Baskets (Item P459) are 24 inches in width, by 12 inches in depth, by eight inches in height and Large Sloping Baskets (Item P462) are 24 inches in width, by 12 inches in depth and have a larger slope than the Wide Sloping Basket with a six-inch back and a two-inch front, providing a four-inch slope.

Visi-BinsTM Plastic Bin Displays (Item P535) provide the benefits of a slope with their angled construction in a discreet height of 5.5 inches. These bins allow customers to see everything within and are great for smaller items. Because of their construction, these bins work really well at the register and for little items such as smaller hardware items, cosmetics, and other product accessories. If you are looking to increase impulse-shopping activity, you must certainly place these near your checkout stations.

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