Be Sure to Have Plenty of Store Supplies on Hand

Store supplies are critical to the upkeep and shopping ease of any store and M. Fried Store Fixtures store supplies can easily meet all of your store’s needs.

Consider shopping carts and shopping baskets. Smaller stores can benefit from the smaller shopping baskets, which are sold in sets or individually, in regular and jumbo sizes. Larger baskets work well in larger stores, stores with large aisles, or stores with large inventory or conducting sales, for example.

For your smoking customers and to protect your nonsmoking customers and staff, we also offer a wide array of smokers’ stations. For instance, we offer both an in-ground pole option and a wall-mount urn. If you prefer, we offer other receptacles, such as the Aladdin smokers’ station receptacle in either hammertone bronze or hammertone charcoal, as well as Aladdin smokers’ posts.

Keep your garbage out of site. For your store’s trash, we offer weather urns or receptacles with sand tops in three color choices. We also sell weather urn receptacles and sand urns in three color options, and steel receptacles with either open tops in two sizes or dome tops with a push door design in two sizes and many color options.

Keep your store neat, store traffic moving, and ease of shopping at its highest with some of these product selections and see how the attitude of your store comes through and better enables sales and improves your store’s shopping experience.

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