Keep the Conversation Moving with your Customers with Window Signs and Pennants

Window signs offer a wonderful way to draw attention since potential customers will see your window first. M. Fried Store Fixtures offers two Window Sign options to announce sales. Both the horizontal and vertical option attract attention, even from distances, without blocking your window displays and both feature the word “SALE” in fluorescent red coloring with a white outline. The … Read More

Say it with an Banner from M. Fried Store Fixtures

M. Fried Store Fixtures’ Signs, Banners, and Posters offer a great addition to your marketing plan with cost effective, brightly colored, and eye-catching ways in which to reach your existing and potential customer base. And, with so many people window shopping now that the nice weather has arrived all over the country, this method of self-advertising can’t be beat. Consider … Read More

Lights Help Get Your Message Across

Don’t forget to take a look at our Open Neon Look-A-Like Sign with its large eight-inch letters and raised red trim. The nice aspect of this sign option is that you can use it as a fixed or flashing sign. And, M. Fried Store Fixtures offers many more sign options to help you with your retail operation. For instance, our … Read More

Slide Into Business with the Correct Message

This month we’ve been talking about all of the sign options offered by M. Fried Store Fixtures. Today we’d like to get back to the basics of signs every business should have. Open and Closed Signs are an important necessity for businesses today. One of the first things customers and prospective customers look for is your open/closed signage; the next … Read More

A Sign of the Times

We’ve been covering all of the many sign options offered by M. Fried Store Fixtures. Changeable Signs are just another one of our many options available to you that will help you increase sales and consumer interest, which will—of course—lead to increased shop traffic. Our Swinger Deluxe Signs are two-sided and offer a large seven-row announcement space for lettering. A … Read More

No Obligation/No Fee Price Requests Now Available at M. Fried Store Fixtures

Earlier this week we talked about the benefits of signage for your business and focused on just a couple of the many, many sign options that M. Fried Store Fixtures has available to help improve your customers’ shopping experience and to bring you increased shopping traffic, sales, and repeat business. Before we go any further explaining what we offer in … Read More

Let People Know Your Business with a Sign from M. Fried

During the summer, some establishments close early and others increase their hours to provide enhanced store hoursfor their established and tourist clientele. With M. Fried Store Fixtures, you have a sign for your every business need. To start with, be sure that your store prominently displays when it is open. A well-placed sign indicating that you are ready for business—especially … Read More

Gondola Shelving Can Help Drive Business

No store should be without gondola shelving and M. Fried Store Fixtures always has what you need to outfit your new or existing store. And, when it comes to gondola shelving, we are the largest distributor on the east coast and are pleased to offer our customers the best experts in the business—a knowledgeable team that is proud of its … Read More

Be Sure to Have Plenty of Store Supplies on Hand

Store supplies are critical to the upkeep and shopping ease of any store and M. Fried Store Fixtures’ store supplies can easily meet all of your store’s needs. Consider shopping carts and shopping baskets. Smaller stores can benefit from the smaller shopping baskets, which are sold in sets or individually, in regular and jumbo sizes. Larger baskets work well in … Read More

Our Wood Flower Cart is Not Just for Flowers

M. Fried Store Fixtures‘ Wood Displays offer endless opportunities to display just about any product your store has to offer. For instance, our Wood Flower Cart offers great possibilities for potted or bunches of flowers as well as garden and vegetable displays. This particular cart also looks lovely storing various hand gardening tools and gloves and easily draws your consumers … Read More