Jewelry Display Brings New Customers

I recently saw that Target overhauled their jewelry department. All of the jewelry was displayed behind locked cases. I had never asked to see any of it before — which means I never bought. Now they’ve brought out their jewelry to the countertop. I walked by, saw the display and today I’m wearing a new pair of earrings. When you … Read More

5 Reasons to Order Gondola Wall Shelving from MFried

Last time I wrote about what gondola shelving is. This time I’ll tell you about the advantage of buying gondola shelving from MFried. Here are 5 reasons Experience. MFried has been installing and selling gondola shelving for over 20 years. That means we’ve done a variety of projects and can help you achieve the look you want. Our shelving experts … Read More

What are Gondola Shelving Units? – Gondola Shelving For Your Business

What are Gondola Shelving Units? You’ve probably seen Gondola Shelving Units many times without even realizing that’s what they are.  They are the most popular shelving units in grocery stores that display most of your groceries because they are so versatile. Gondola shelving units aren’t just limited to grocery stores though. You’ve probably also seen them in gift shops, clothing … Read More

Which Video Surveillance Kit Should You Get?

Video surveillance kits are great for both home and business. At home you can use them to protect your family or even keep an eye on the kids. At your business you can monitor doors, cash registers, stockrooms and other desired rooms. There are many options for Video Surveillance, so which one do you get? It all depends on your … Read More

Ideas For Displaying Fall/Winter Items

With fall and winter seasons sneaking up on us it’s time to start displaying fall and winter apparel. has a variety of display options to choose from. They make it simple to display your winter gear including hats, socks, scarfs, ski masks, ski goggles, etc . For example fashion hands (a.k.a. Mannequin hands) can be used to display winter … Read More

What Are Gridwall Merchandisers & How You Can Use Them

You’re probably already familiar with the typical gridwall you may have seen up against store walls. Merchants use them to display everything from clothing to baskets of goodies.  There are also Grid Merchandisers. What are Grid Merchandisers? Grid Merchandisers are gridwall style displays that are free standing. They don’t have to be attached to a wall.  The great thing about … Read More

Why Slatwall Literature Holders Are A Popular Option For Your Business

Still wondering what kind of literature holders you should get? To begin with, you need to know what kind of literature you will displaying in order to know the answer to the next questions you may have… What will work best for my business and what will give me the most flexibility? One of the most popular options are slatwall … Read More

Literature Displays for Magazines and Post Cards

If you have a business that includes literature of any type, you need to display it in a way that people will notice. Literature that is laying flat on a counter or table is often missed. People simply cannot see your product.  But if you have something to elevate magazines or products and bring them to eye level, people will … Read More

Say it with a Glowing Neon Sign

A neon sign is a great way to draw attention to your business. I’ve seen them on anything from a hot dog stand in a big city to a corner market. You can write whatever you want, change it whenever you want and place it in many different locations for many different uses. A neon sign in a window lights … Read More

Folding Displays – Space Savers, Easy Storage & Easy to Move

Folding displays won’t break your back whenever you want to move it, and don’t take a lot of room in storage when you’re not using it.  At we have a selection of foldable display tables. Advantages & Uses of Foldable Displays: Great for stores, trade shows, yard sales, farmers markets, flea markets, etc. Can be used as permanent displays … Read More