Rolling Shopping Baskets (Arm & Back Savers)

If you’ve ever been to the store and felt like your arm was going to fall off carrying a basket, then you can truly appreciate this rolling plastic hand basket. Your customers will appreciate them too! Rolling plastic hand baskets can be used for business and personal use. Uses for Shopping Baskets: In stores as shopping baskets (comfortable for the … Read More

Hat, Cap & Helmet Displays

You may have already noticed that the presentation of your items hugely affect the success of your business. For example, not only can cluttered counter tops and tables feel overwhelming and uncomfortable to your customers, but they may not be able to see your products. That’s where wall displays come in handy. If you’re in the business of selling hats, … Read More

Automatic Bill Counter Deluxe

In last weeks post we discussed the benefits and convenience of coin sorters and counters. This week we’d like to introduce you to the Automatic Bill Counter Deluxe. The Automatic Bill Counter Deluxe is the perfect companion to our Coin Sorter and Counters as it also helps self time and helps avoid human counting errors. It even detects counterfeit bills! … Read More

Standard Digital Money Counter & Coin Sorter (Time & Sanity Savers)

Digital Money Counters and Coin Sorters are an inexpensive, highly effective, time saving (and sanity saving) “must have” for any business or individual that handles cash/change on a consistent basis. Digital Money Counters and Coin Sorters count and sort mixed coins, helping avoid human counting errors as well as making the end of the work day smoother and quicker. Product … Read More

Attractive Product Display Cases For Your Business

There are many benefits to using our product display showcases for your business. Showcases allow customers to see the products attractively displayed in an eye catching manner from all angles. Benefits of a Rotating Showcase Include: Space Saving – can easily fit on a counter top or display table. Since it rotates it also saves space by displaying more products … Read More

Security Mirrors (Saftey Mirrors) for Home and Business

You’ve probably seen them at the Convenient Store, Gas Stations and even outdoors by the road.  Security Mirrors (a.k.a. Safety Mirrors) allow you to view areas you normally wouldn’t be able to see, thus preventing theft and accidents. Security Mirrors can be used for many purposes and in many places: Useful for both home and business Surveillance for Theft prevention … Read More

Counter Top Greeting Card Display – Space Saving & Convenient

Are Greeting Cards something you’d like to sell but don’t have space on the floor for a Greeting Card Display Rack? Counter Top Greeting Card Displays are the perfect option when you’ve run out of floor room in your store. They are also the perfect option for people who make handmade greeting cards and want to display them on the … Read More

Wood Flower Cart Display

This Wood Flower Cart is a great example of a memorable and unique way to display your products. It catches the attention of customers and can show off your products in an organized fashion. Have you ever walked into a store or marketplace that had such a cozy, fun, comfortable or unique feeling to it, that it drew you back … Read More

Children Mannequins – A Sales Tool for Retailers

Need children’s mannequins to display childrens clothing in your store? M Fried has boys and girl mannequins from age 4 to age 12. A mannequin is the centerpiece of any successful clothing display. They show off the cut, fit, style and fabric of clothes. They also increase sales. Why? Because clothes look better on mannequins. They show more detail and … Read More

The Slotted Standard

The Standard, mounted on a wall in many retail stores, is a long strip of U-Shaped steel with vertical slots running its entire length.