Recovery is Up to You

We all know whats going on, but that doesn’t make it any easier to take. These stats are sobering to say the least. the bright side is that my loyal clients are still around. The simple fact that they are my clients is the fact that they rely on my services and believe that it does make a difference to employ … Read More

Branding Overload

I recently read an article in INC. that states that “Branding” is a myth, the author was careful to apologize for his opinion, no need to say sorry to me. Over the last to decades I have watched the power of the term rise, along with a number of retail terms that have been replaced with more “modern” terms. the effects of  … Read More

Saranac Citizens Save their Department Store

  I am very pleased to see that some communities can take matters into their own hands…Way to Go Saranac

Coffee Table Books

Don’t worry the coffee table book will survive…All this talk of books becoming obsolete is simply not true. Nothing can replace the thrill of high quality reproductions on beautiful expensive paper. I prize my library beyond most of my other possessions. All the electronic pads that Apple is flooding the markets with will never replace the feeling of sitting down with a favorite book … Read More

News from the Hood

Love them or hate them, it’s undeniable that the North Brooklyn neighborhoods Williamsburg and Greenpoint have served as a laboratory of creativity for longer than a decade. Urban activists in the trendy enclaves have created models for more collaborative, locally focused economies, mapping out a blueprint for a sustainable approach to urban life. Amplify Brooklyn, an exhibit and event series … Read More

Google+ Who’s jumping Onboard

We all know there has been a lot of commentary flying around about Google+….While some are talking others are jumping onboard. In less than 24 hours take a look at who has joined up. Google is out to give Facebook a run for thier money as social networking becomes the commercial media of choice. This will change everything again. ASOS … Read More

Inappropriate Signage

Looks like I’ve stumbled on to a theme,I really like bad signage, it’s one of my guilty pleasures. There is an endless supply, hoisted by desperate retailers. Ironically the very thing they intended to create with the sign,causes more of the same to occur. Heres an example, shoplifting now becomes a challenge that I’m sure a few will try, it’s … Read More

Americas Hottest Clothing Chains

Those that top the list according to Forbes are: number one, Kohl’s, number two is Nordstrom and three is Macy’s. I understand seeing Kohl’s and Macy’s, but what is Nordstrom doing there? Nordstrom is not price driven like its neighbors on the list. The answer is their amenable atmosphere. Creating a comfortable pleasurable, shopping experience, is at times, as important as price. Nordstrom’s attention to customer … Read More

Our New Blog

Welcome to M.Fried The Blog. We have a new look and a new approach to share with you. All of us here at M.Fried know that retail has been difficult of late and we share your concern, we are retailers just like you. In this blog we would like the create a means by which we can together address your … Read More

Holiday Schedule 2011

M. Fried will be closing at 1:00pm on Wednesday, September 28th and will not resume operations again until Monday October 3rd. We will be closed again on Friday, October 7th And finally, on Wednesday, October 12th, we will be closing at 1:00pm and will not resume operations again until Monday October 24th. Please place your order accordingly. Visit our site … Read More