Boast Your Best Stuff

With M. Fried Store Fixtures you can create elegant, budget-friendly, product-appropriate displays. You will find that, with the right displays, you can actually price items that can sell at higher margins, even during the current economic downturn. When your products are displayed in such a way as to appear more valuable, there’s no telling what you can achieve.

Try placing higher price-point products in display cases to show them off and segregate them from other stock. You can accomplish this in much the same way that you separate lower priced, sale items from general stock, placing them in sale bins. Or, by placing smaller items in displayers near check out areas to prompt impulse and last minute purchases.

Bear in mind that your retail displays are investments that can enable you to sell more of your products at reasonable, but profit friendly prices.

Look at your products and determine which is more special. Then, consider what about that product makes it special. For instance, if you sell children’s toys, most of your stock will likely be placed in gondola shelving; however, if there is a more expensive toy or a rarer toy, consider displaying this item in a lighted showcase. By separating the item, you draw more attention to it and allow your customers to better see that it is special and more valuable. Value drives costs, so once customers understand an item’s value, customers are better accepting of that item’s higher price.

The same goes for books, which can be displayed on shelves with rare books kept in locked showcases for viewing. Crystal, china, even office supplies; home goods, kitchen and bath items, even clothing, all can be managed in the same way. Expensive items can be placed for convenient customer viewing, but behind a showcase so that customers understand the items’ value and that locked items are not meant to be handled.

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