Branding is Everything

Branding is everything in retail and, at M. Fried Store Fixtures, we can help you to get your brand noticed.

Take a look at your inventory and choose a better known brand at your attention getter. Now, place this product or line in a retail display that really shows off your items. Consider a showcase, a cube display, a tower, or a table.

By separating your special items, you are preparing customers to expect a higher price point and are reinforcing your shop’s image. By displaying an established brand on attractive displays, you are also reinforcing that product. When customers recognize your trusted brand, their perception of the general quality of your items is increased, which improves their perception of your shop’s image and increased the likelihood that these customers will return and will spread the good word about you and your establishment.

Make sure that you further drive attention to this brand by consistently communicating your brand, your brand message, and your store’s logo on signs outside of and throughout your store. Informed customers are likelier to purchase when they better understand what they are buying.

By featuring a special item or groups of items in a key spot on your display floor or window (or both), by guiding customers to that spot with signage and discussing that brand in flyers posted in your store, and by ensuring you are using attractive, durable displays, you are guiding customers through the shopping process without overwhelming them and by ensuring your store, your brand, and your product are noticed and that your product is purchased.

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