Branding is Key

When choosing retail displays, remember M. Fried Store Fixtures, where we have everything you need to design your store whether renovating an existing store or chain of stores, or breaking out for the very first time.

Regardless of what you choose, we have countless ways in which you can design your store and we are always available to help you decide what works best for your products, your location, your client base, and your specific needs.

Remember, how your display set-up is envisioned and configured can help you increase your brand messaging. Branding is one of the elements in retail that can help you bring your customers back to your store and is what gives customers a sense of familiarity and comfort when shopping with you.

In addition to cohesive displays that work well together on the display floor and windows, you can also draw special attention with the use of in-store communications with signs that reiterate your brand, your brand message, your logo, and your slogan. Provide information regarding sales, new items, close-outs, or upcoming events with signs, pennants, lights, and neon.

Make sure special items stand out in coordinated showcase or tower displays, rack systems that are set apart, or tables. Use a different arrangement or retail product that works with what you have. Cube displays go with virtually any theme and serve as a way in which—for instance—to set apart a product line or product you are seeking to move.

And, if your store is outfitted with gondola shelving, we have a wide array of accessories that can bring attention to various items easily and effectively.

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