Captivate with Signs & Promotions

Your store is open?  Check.  All the items you want to sell are out on display?  Check.  All of your employees have their schedules memorized and ready to work?  Check.  What else do you need?  You are going to need some signs to catch the eyes of prospective customers walking by your store.  Once they actually stop and see what you have for sale, you are sure they are going to walk out of your store having just bought something.
For seasonal and clearance blowout sales, you should buy a few bulletin sign holders advertising the sales.  You can be sure that customers will appreciate being told what is on sale; this also an excellent way to get passing shoppers to spend money in your store.  Inside the store itself you are going to need a way to tell customers which items are discounted; message holders advertising 20%, 30%, 40% or what have you would be very much appreciated.
For racks and systems you are going to need sign holders and clamps to tell people that those particular items are not only already discounted, but that they will get an additional discount when taken to the register. Those are the signs that are most noticed in any store.

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