Cards Offer A Great Option When Speaking With Customers

When talking about marketing and advertising with signage, cards should be discussed. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we offer a generous array of Promotional Cards.

Our Special Price Cards (Item P100) and Sale Price Cards (Item P101) are two great ways for you to announce sales and specials or to highlight a particular item or product line. Both options are coated with a fluorescent bright, reddish-orange border. The Special Price Cards contain the word “Special” in bold type, while the Sale Price Cards contain the word “Sale” in bold type. Both options offer ample space for your own messaging.

Blank Burst Price Cards (Item P102) are a wonderful way in which to announce sales and specials, and work equally well for any announcement you would like to make or any message you would like to post for your customers. Also coated in bright fluorescent reddish-orange border and with a generous blank space, you can customize your message or messages to suit any number of needs.

Die Cut Bursts (Item P103) are similar to our Blank Burst Price Cards, but come in rainbow packs with bright red, yellow, magenta, and green. And, our Special Circle Price Cards (Item P403), also coated in the signature and eye-catching bright fluorescent reddish-orange border, contains the word “Special” in a casual type.

Buy a few of each and scatter them around your shop. Cards are a fantastic and inexpensive way in which to keep your marketing and advertising plan in action in your shop all year round!

And, as always, we are available toll-free, at 1-877-544-2999 for pricing information or to discuss these or any of our many sign and store fixture options.

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