Wood Flower Cart Display

This Wood Flower Cart is a great example of a memorable and unique way to display your products. It catches the attention of customers and can show off your products in an organized fashion. Have you ever walked into a store or marketplace that had such a cozy, fun, comfortable or unique feeling to it, that it drew you back … Read More

Children Mannequins – A Sales Tool for Retailers

Need children’s mannequins to display childrens clothing in your store? M Fried has boys and girl mannequins from age 4 to age 12. A mannequin is the centerpiece of any successful clothing display. They show off the cut, fit, style and fabric of clothes. They also increase sales. Why? Because clothes look better on mannequins. They show more detail and … Read More

Face-out Merchandising

Some of the many aspects of Retail Merchandising and Display include: lighting, signage, presentation, and arrangement of merchandise. Basically, it encompasses the customer’s experience from the time they first see your store to the time they spend within it. Face-out presentation has proven to attract customer’s attention and increase sales. Defined as: a garment, handbag, book, etc., displayed with its … Read More