Showcases and Gondolas Work Well Together

Displayers and showcases provide an attractive way in which to provide your customers with a 360-degree view to many products that you might not normally display on your store’s floor. Take a look at some of the displayers and showcases offered by M. Fried Store Fixtures. For instance, do you have some higher priced, delicate, or rare products that, while … Read More

When Driving Customer Traffic, Presentation is Everything

Create a pleasing and attractive store environment with displays, gondola shelving, and accessories from M. Fried Store Fixtures. By creating an inviting storefront and display floor, you can help to drive customer traffic and keep customers returning. You can do this with pleasing displays and a collaborative store theme and branding message. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have everything … Read More

Talk to us About Gondolas

If your store could use with some shelving—and what store can’t—consider M. Fried Store Fixtures’ enormous line of gondola shelving in countless color, size, material, and accessory choices. Figuring out what works for your store is as simple as clicking a button. We are always working to find ways to improve your shopping experience with M. Fried Store Fixtures, especially … Read More

Have You Seen Our Acrylic Showcases?

We’ve long been discussing the benefits of acrylic and M. Fried Store Fixtures has a number of products in this cost-efficient, versatile material that work well in any retail environment. For instance, our Countertop Acrylic Showcase (Item D1468) works great for jewelry and other valuables as well as cosmetics, electronics, and smaller items that are best displayed in a locked … Read More

Our Showcases Show Off More Than Gems

The M. Fried Store Fixtures’ Basic Series of Showcases is a versatile way in which to show off your jewelry products and much, much more. Some options are constructed with a tempered glass top that enables customers to see products from a number of vantage points; many have concealed rear storage that makes these showcases extremely convenient for store owners. … Read More

Showcase Your Stuff

At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have a large array of showcases from which you can choose to display not only jewelry, but other fine, smaller, or specialty items. Our Streamline Series is our most popular with a huge array of options that include corner counters and cases, wrap counters and pedestal cases, even register stands. We also offer trophy … Read More