Children Mannequins – A Sales Tool for Retailers

Need children’s mannequins to display childrens clothing in your store? M Fried has boys and girl mannequins from age 4 to age 12. A mannequin is the centerpiece of any successful clothing display. They show off the cut, fit, style and fabric of clothes. They also increase sales. Why? Because clothes look better on mannequins. They show more detail and create interest.

A mannequin gives you a chance to show an entire outfit at one time. It shows how various outfits or accessories go together and gives people an idea of how to get a certain look. Then you’re not just selling a shirt, but pants, a hat and other merchandise.

Mannequin Tips:

  • Use your mannequin to tell a story. Position children so they are in a scene of some sort. Maybe they are playing a game of ball or going to the park.
  • If your an online retailer, take pictures of clothes on children’s mannequins so buyers can imagine how the clothes might look on a real child.
  • If you sell on Use mannequins for eBay listings to look more professional.
  • Put things on the mannequins head to add interest. Here are some examples: bows in the “hair,” necklaces, bracelets or hats.

These tips will help your children’s product sales increase. If you have a mannequin, please share your tips with us in the comments below.

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