Coffee Table Books

Great book

Don’t worry the coffee table book will survive…All this talk of books becoming obsolete is simply not true. Nothing can replace the thrill of high quality reproductions on beautiful expensive paper. I prize my library beyond most of my other possessions. All the electronic pads that Apple is flooding the markets with will never replace the feeling of sitting down with a favorite book and absorbing  each plate for detail that one might have missed in a previous session. Publishers simply must rethink their marketing strategies. I have been cross merchandising books into clients displays for years. Perfect example, the success of relating a book on the subject of the Japanese tea ceremony is a sure sale when displayed with the tea pot itself. There are endless possibilities to this method of selling REAL books. The following article proves the coffee table book is here to stay . Don’t despair all you bibliophiles out there, real books will not become obsolete any time soon.

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