Consider the Timelessness of Acrylic

Acrylic Displays are durable, attractive, and created to match just about any display theme. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we offer a wide range of acrylic displays that can be used in any type of retail establishment.

Acrylic is fashionable and contemporary, but its clean lines and unobtrusive components also make it timeless and classic, meaning that you can easily use acrylic with other display options and mix and match your acrylic displayers to best showcase your products and product lines.

What’s more, acrylic is uniquely constructed to withstand wear and tear and will not shatter. Should breakage happen—and that is rare—the acrylic will break apart into large pieces, ensuring that your staff and your customers are not injured with projectile shards. Also, many of these displays are guaranteed for life, further protecting your investment.

When choosing your acrylic pieces, consider components with rounded corners that do not scratch, cut, or catch. We have many options from which you can choose.

Today’s acrylic is also new and improved and constructed with UV treatments that ensure they are not damaged by the sun, which can yellow acrylic when unprotected. Also, although scratch resistant, if scratched, acrylic polish, or good grade wax paste, easily remedies the issue.

Friendly on the wallet, acrylic is the perfect solution when you need to purchase a lot of components and can also easily enable you to purchase several of several larger pieces that can be spread around your shop.

Strong, attractive, and lightweight, you can easily move your acrylic displayers whenever needed with little effort. Without distracting from your merchandise, acrylic is the perfect display solution.

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