Counter Top Greeting Card Display – Space Saving & Convenient

counter-top-greeting-card-displayAre Greeting Cards something you’d like to sell but don’t have space on the floor for a Greeting Card Display Rack?

Counter Top Greeting Card Displays are the perfect option when you’ve run out of floor room in your store. They are also the perfect option for people who make handmade greeting cards and want to display them on the tables at trade shows, craft fairs and farmers markets.

Don’t have any more room on the counter top either? That’s ok! The Counter Top Greeting Card Display can be attractively displayed on other surfaces, such as on top of a display table, or on top of a short book shelf.  However, placing it on the counter top where people will see it during checkout will help remind your customers about that special occasion they almost forgot.

Features of the Counter Top Greeting Card Rack:

•    The revolving base, makes browsing the greeting cards easy while saving space
•    Has 12 pockets designed to hold and display 5”W x 7”H greeting cards (Can hold cards up to 5-1/2”W x 8”H)
•    Each pocket is 1-5/8” deep
•    28” high with a 12” spinning diameter
•    Includes sign holder
•    Attractive white powder-coat finish

MFried offers a variety of Greeting Card Displays (for the floor as well). Be sure to click here and check out all the Greeting Card Displays to see which one fits your needs the best

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