Create and Maintain Interest with Gridwall and Slatgrid

If you are considering gridwall and slatgrid for your store’s displays, we offer a number of options for your merchandiser foundations at M. Fried Store Fixtures.

When it comes to merchandiser bases, we offer three: Gondola, Pinwheel, and Triangle. These three options create merchandisers of different shapes and heights which, when used together or in diverse combinations—one of each, one or several of each, all of one type—can really drive customer interest.

The Grid Gondola Bases (P031) occupy a two-foot-wide by four-foot-high display space while only taking up a two-foot-wide area on your display floor. The Grid Pinwheel Base (Item P034) is constructed with four legs in a pinwheel setup with four 24-inch legs that are combined to increase strength and allow for a really unique display merchandiser. Grid Triangle Bases (Item P035) allow you to create a triangle merchandiser with three 24-inch-long panels that make a unique displayer.

You always want to ensure that your customers’ eyes are moving, looking at your merchandise, but that your customers are not distracted or confused. You want your displayers to enhance your merchandise so that customers see what your selling, not how you are selling—that’s the job of our products and our grid and slatgrid products enable you to achieve this.

Bear in mind, when customers are interested and when they can keep their interest focused on your merchandise, you will make sales. By adding accessories, you can create complexity, which can be tempered with complimentary displayers. This is all easily achievable with our wide range of gridwall and slatgrid.

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