Display Baskets on Gondolas and Slatwall

Baskets are a great accompaniment to your gondola shelving and enable you to display all sorts of products, especially those products that work well in the three-dimensional environment of a basket. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have a large assortment of gondola and peg baskets from which to choose.

Mix and match different sized and sloped baskets and mix baskets with shelving to maintain customer interest and expand your display options. Choose a few Gondola Open End Baskets (Item P079), which are larger at 48 inches in width, to hold a few of your larger pieces or more of your smaller items. Our Gondola Open End Basket Dividers (Item P080) can be used with most any basket display. Just remember to order these in the same size as the basket they are dividing. By the way, these dividers can also be used as basket ends in your displays. Both items have a chrome finish.

To ensure a more secure hanging environment, we suggest our Basket Clip (Item WBCM), which allows you to hang baskets from the gondola with more strength and durability. These are also offered in a chrome finish.

Mixing and matching slatwall and gondolas is always a winning combination. The Slatwall Bracket (Item 999SWB) can be used to hang gondola open end baskets to your slatwall and works very well for those displays that incorporate all that M. Fried Store Fixtures has to offer. By mixing these two components we can help you offer a wider variety of items, giving you a clear edge above your competition.

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