Display it with Waterfalls

We’ve been talking about the benefits of adding acrylic and wire baskets and bins to your M. Fried Store Fixtures’ slatwall displays, all of which work very well with our various slatwall panels and merchandisers. We also offer a large range of Slat Faceouts and Waterfalls, which provide a durable and attractive way in which to display apparel and strapped merchandise, such as bags, backpacks, luggage, and totes.

Our Slatwall Straight Faceouts – Square Tubing (Item P013) are square and are 12 inches in length. These faceouts are constructed of a strong 3/4-inch square tubing with a ball stop end. Our Slatwall Straight Faceouts – Rectangular Tubing (Item P014) offer a straight option for hanging clothes hangers and strapped merchandise and are 12 inches in length with sturdy rectangular tubing and an end tab stop.

Add interest to your displays by also including our waterfalls, specifically made for slatwall paneling and merchandisers. All of our waterfalls give you the option of expanding product space and provide eye-catching displays that help keep your customers interested and shopping.

We offer Slatwall 7-Cube Waterfalls – Rectangular Tubing (Item P015), with seven cube rectangular waterfalls with 14-inch faceouts and seven cube stops. The Slatwall 5-Hook Waterfalls – Rectangular Tubing (Item P016) and Slatwall 5-Hook Waterfalls – Square Tubing (Item P017) offer five-stop options. The Slatwall 6-Ball Waterfalls – Square Tubing (Item P018) is constructed with ¾-inch square tubing and six ball stops.

Also, the Slatwall 5-Hook Straightout – Rectangular Tubing (Item WH5H) is constructed with rectangular tubing and allows for elegant displays.

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