Displays Drive Your Brand Home

Retail displays are those store fixtures that better enable you to show off your products, specifically bringing attention to specific products. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have everything you need to outfit your store with the three most critical types of retail displays: Floor standing displays, displays meant for counter tops, and signage.

Floor standing displays can be can be placed singularly, in groupings, or as part of a larger display anywhere on the retail floor, including in store window display areas. Countertop displays work in limited spaces such as on tables or countertops and work especially well for impulse purchases near the cash register area. Banners and signs help with branding and to highlight products or events, such as sales, close-outs, and new items.

Regardless of how you choose to display you merchandise, bear in mind that store fixtures contribute to decisions on how your customers choose to shop. For example, your customers are likelier to purchase products that are well presented. What’s more, customers will accept higher prices for items that appear to be of higher value, which is easily accomplished with well-thought out and placed displays that not only stimulate sales and impulse buys, but increase profits.

Be sure you know your customers and follow through with targeting this customer base. When you understand your unique customer demographic, you can reach out to them before they enter your store with appropriate signage, banners, and pendants. Keep them interested as they walk through your doors, throughout the shopping experience, and as they are leaving. By utilizing effective retail displays, you can retain your customers, bring in new customers, and enhance how your customers see your store’s brand.

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