Dress Up Your Slatwall Paneling

Often, customers will shop around looking for the best deal on the same product, especially during the financial downturn this country has been experiencing. Be sure you have an edge on your competition when customers are window-shopping by presenting your store and your products in the best way possible. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we can help you set up shop in ways that best suit you, your store, your products, and your store’s life force: Your customers.

We’ve been talking this week about the benefits of slatwall panels and some of the options available to you in our many slatwall product lines. Slatwall panels, with their built-in grooves, enable you to attach slatwall accessories for seemingly unlimited display options in a neat, cohesive manner that ensures your customers enjoy eye-catching, original displays.

Because of the versatility and ease of slatwall, you can create your displays with differing depths and widths of shelving to suit your needs and your products. We also offer the ability to hang items on hooks or hangers and to use hang rails and faceouts.

Our Slatwall Insert products increase your slatwall options. For instance, our Slatwall Insert Rolls (Item P005) are made of durable plastic and are used to create an attractive slatwall accents by sliding the insert through the grooves. Insert rolls are 100-feet in length and are easily cut with a scissor and can fit in grooves and mounting either before or after installation.

Stay tuned, there are many more options available to you and we will be discussing all of them in the coming days!

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