Drive Interest with Gondolas

Gondola shelving is the most versatile and attractive form of shelving and can be seen in many retail shops. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we always have gondola shelving in stock and promise fast shipping and exemplary customer service. When it comes to gondola shelving, we are the largest distributor on the east coast.

Gondola shelving is critical to most store spaces, be it on the retail floor or in back-office spaces, and no store should be without adequate shelving. Choose from our huge array of shapes, heights and depths, and colors to enhance your walls, display floors, or windows with our cost-effective, sturdy, attractive designs that work together to ensure enhanced customer visibility and interest. As you know, increased customer interest leads to increased sales.

When considering gondola displays, be sure to look at the layout of your store when you determine the size, height, and location of your display. We can help you through this process and can be reached, toll-free, at 1.877.544.2999.

Gondola shelving has long been a popular form of storage because of its many advantages. For instance, M. Fried Store Fixtures’ shelving is flexible, with its components constructed to fit with each other and installed in a variety of combination that can be used in aisle ways, center aisles, and as wall-mounted units. Another advantage of our gondola shelving is the choice between slatwall or peg-board backing and the many choice features.

Talk to us or contact us on our free quote page and look into an array of gondola shelving choices based on your specific needs and from the comfort of your computer.

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