Dump Bins Offer Customers a Great Way to View Stock

M. Fried Store Fixtures offers a full line of dump bins and tables that work great on the showroom floor and also help with home organization projects.

Dump bins offer creative space for larger, off-sized pieces, such as pillows, stuffed animals, and toys and are great for selling other large consumer products such as paper towel bundles, umbrellas, and flip-flops. Because of their mesh construction, dump bins enable your customers to see products from all sides without having to touch or move stock. At home, use M. Fried Store Fixtures Dump Bins in the garage, playroom, or basement to keep nonbreakable items stowed and safe.

Take, for instance, our Economical Dump Bin Counter Spinner, which, although discreet in stature, can hold a great deal at a great price. In your store, place these on tables and counter tops. At home, these work wonderfully under sinks and in work or project spaces.

At home, store fruit and vegetables, cleaning supplies, towels, cosmetics, tools, whatever you need to keep handy. In your store, fill these with sales items near the register or store compatible items near larger displays. Fill the counter spinner with packages of shoelaces near your sneaker display. Cram the counter spinner with travel samples near cosmetics displays, or place mini bottles of assorted liquors in your wine shop’s window displays.

Buy a few and display them in a variety of locations, changing position and contents to keep customer interest high and help drive sales.

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