Dump Those Impulse Items in Our Bins

Yesterday, we discussed the benefits of tabletop and countertop displays as a way in which to provoke impulse purchases. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we also offer a variety of Dump Bins that can be strategically placed in your store, especially at entrances to greet customers when they first come into your shop. Take a look at our Grid Dump Bins (Item P074) and our Utility Dump Bins (Item P075).

If you are looking to display several different items, our 3-Tier Dump Bins (Item P076) work very well, and our Round Dump Bins (Item P077) are tapered for longer-sized items.

Our 3-Tier Spinning Dump Rack (Item M1933) and 4-Tier Spinning Dump Rack (Item M1935) are excellent options when you want to give convenient access to your shoppers. The Economical Dump Bin Counter Spinner (Item M15421936T) is the perfect tool for spurring impulse purchases. Order several of these and scatter them on your tables and counters for high impact.

The Fold-Out Stack Rack (Item MSR1) is a fold-open shelf rack that provides the options of permanence and portability and even enables you to place shelves at an angle for more interesting displays.

For larger displays, use the E-Z Folding Promotional Tables (Item P078) for targeted displays for sales, promotions, and product clear-outs. With casters and constructed to fold, these tables are easy to move and store. And, these tables, in particular, work especially well for merchants who also sell outside of a stand-alone shop, such as trade, craft, and holiday shows, which are especially popular this time of year.

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