Durable, Cost-Effective Forms Make Great Displayers

Do you sell clothing? Are you in a line of business that sells crafts that can be made into clothing items, or accessories that would drive business if seen on a human form? Consider sewing or yarn shops. Costume shops. Shops that sell scarves, jewelry, lingerie, tee shirts. If this sounds like one of your product lines, M. Fried Store Fixtures has a full line of mannequins and forms that could be beneficial to your store’s displays.

We are pleased to offer a line of rigid and cost-beneficial Half-Round Styrene Torso Forms that are attractive without being obtrusive, and durable enough to handle lots of use and change. All of these forms include a convenient and sturdy hook for hanging, if you choose, and they are all constructed with increased depth over similar vacuum-formed forms.

Our Ladies’ Styrene Torso Forms (Item P001) work well with most female clothing styles and can be used to display clothing, jewelry, and accessories. The Ladies’ Styrene Upper Torso Forms (Item P586), another option in this line, is designed for both undergarments and clothing. Likewise, the Men’s Styrene Torso Forms (Item P002) works well for most men’s clothing and is an attractive accompaniment to the other forms in this line.

To adequately display all sizes in the women’s spectrum, consider the Ladies’ Torso Forms (Item P003), which works well when displaying tops and lingerie and is constructed in a more petite woman’s size six, which accommodates smaller clothing options. Our Plus Size Ladies’ Styrene Torso Forms (Item P585) work great for attractively displaying larger-sized women’s clothing and enables you to provide a wider range of options for your customers.

Call us for a price quote or to better understand how this product line can work in your store at 877-544-2999.

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