Easily Step Up Security this Holiday Season

Security is important to every store, every day; however, between the ongoing economical challenges and the current holiday season, security should probably be reviewed. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we can help you with all of your security needs. And, regardless of your store’s size, needs, and budget, we have what just about everything you need to keep your store secure.

We recently discussed the benefits of security mirrors, which we offer in convex circular, half dome, ceiling dome, and corner dome in a number of sizes and view spans for increased monitoring throughout your store.

We also offer cameras, hard tag systems, sensitive label systems, currency control products, entry alerts, and fitting room checks.

When it comes to cameras, we have an array to fit just about any budget from full-out video surveillance systems (see item P580) to systems with a DVR drive (P581) that offer standard benefits such as a large, 50-foot infrared range and Sony color cameras that provide 420 lines of resolution and options for viewing from two-to-four scenes on a 13-inch monitor.

If you prefer the appearance of security without the price tag or technology, we also offer simulated security cameras (items CAM1 and CAM2). Some shop owners opt for simulated security cameras due to budget constraints, and that’s more than understandable. We are happy to offer this option as a way in which you can step-up security without sacrificing profits. Some shop owners utilize these options because there really isn’t a need for sophisticated security with their clientele; however, a bit of a crime deterrent can be beneficial.

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