Ensure Ongoing In-Store Branding

Branding is a wonderful way to increase recognition of a store, a product, or a product line. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have all you need to increase the branding in your store, which will improve recognition, expand awareness, and create trust.

You probably already advertise externally with flyers and local ads. And, you are probably already receiving word-of-mouth advertising with your established customer base. Now, increase your advertising with in-store signage, pennants, and take-away flyers and brochures.

Pennants will draw external customers interest to your store from a distance and will help guide customers to your establishment. Choose from multi-colored or red, white, and blue and know that these eye-catching sign options will be seen from outside and are durable enough to handle the external elements.

In addition to a very wide array of sign options, we also offer acrylic displayers that can be used to augment your in-store branding efforts. For instance we offer easels, literature displays, and sign holders that are cost-effective advertising tools perfect for any retail establishment.

Literature displays are offered in a variety of configurations to accommodate post-card sized and letter-sized documents with a variety of tier options and choices for mounting or tabletop display. Both are effective. Customers can take away information at the cash register when leaving and by the door when entering or exiting. Easels can provide a creative option for displaying a standalone, higher impact sign and can be placed virtually anywhere.

Be sure you are in constant communication with your customers with signs, brochures, and ongoing in-store advertising and branding.

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