Everything Looks Better with Lights and Mirrors

We’ve been talking about lighting and check-out areas lately. How about lighting up your check-out areas? We are entering year’s busiest shopping season, so ensure your staff can read prices, items numbers, and other details regarding stock with appropriate lighting.

Appropriate lighting will also help customers see products colors and other nuances that could be lost in shadows, something you never want your customers to experience. Be sure to take a look at the lighting offered by M. Fried Store Fixtures and allow our lighting to work for you.

This time of year is also a good time to ramp up security. With a few minor changes, you can make a large impact on how you protect your products, your staff, your customers, and yourself.

Consider Security Mirrors. We offer Convex Circular Security Mirrors (Item P118), which work best in most situations. Enabling a 160-degree viewing area, they install quickly and easily, can be used on walls or ceilings, and are available in four sizes.

180 Half Dome Security Mirrors (Item P119) are generally used at three-way intersections and provides a 180-degree view. This option is offered in three sizes. The 360 Ceiling Dome Security Mirrors (Item P120) are typically hung from ceilings and provide a 360-degree panoramic view with maximum viewing over a 20-foot area. The 24-inch dome mirror has a ceiling panel in two sizes with easy mounting that replaces drop-ceiling tiles.

The 90 Corner Dome Security Mirror (Item P121) is a Quarter Dome Mirror that is perfect for corners and provides a 90-degree viewing area and excellent viewing of perimeters; available in three sizes.

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