Face-out Merchandising

Some of the many aspects of Retail Merchandising and Display include: lighting, signage, presentation, and arrangement of merchandise. Basically, it encompasses the customer’s experience from the time they first see your store to the time they spend within it.

Face-out presentation has proven to attract customer’s attention and increase sales.
Defined as: a garment, handbag, book, etc., displayed with its front facing the customer.
It’s very obvious in bookstores or music stores, when you see books and CDs displayed
on shelves or easels with the covers facing the customer. Would you shop in a store where only the book spines are displayed as in a public library?

Face-out merchandising is even more important in a clothing store. To emphasize the difference between face-out and ordinary hangrail display, think of your home closet.
It would be quite difficult if a stranger had to select an item where only the edge of a sleeve or shoulder is visible. Face-out presentation instantly helps people visualize how the clothing will look on them. It boils down to, “people like to see clothing on people.” While it’s not practical to display everything on mannequins, many racks and accessories are designed to help merchant’s do effective face-out merchandising. For the center of the floor, consider 2-way and 4-way racks that feature face-out arms. Of course you can supplement these units with round and double racks, if you must have more capacity. On the wall, use straight-outs and slant arms. Add a hangrail below the face-outs for additional capacity. Place clothing forms near folded items so customers will be enticed to make a selection. Face-out merchandising is not a luxury; it’s a necessity.

Bernie Flicker

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